Life Areas

Bedrooms & Life Areas
We offer a comprehensive range of bedroom and life area furniture. Providing  tailored living, with shelving & storage to suit your needs. Some examples below of bedroom, work, children, study, music, hobby, and living areas – these will give you a flavour of the versatility and some of the options available.


Vibrant  colours, subtle shades,  wood effect – a wide choice to suit every taste. Floor to ceiling, open areas,, sliding doors —  internal shelving – whatever you need we can design and install   

More Bedroom Pictures


Work Spaces

Work from home or want to create a “homework” area – very easily utilising our systems – whatever your requirements – storage – desk space – we can design what you need

Childrens Space

Create bright colourful areas for play & storage which can easily be updated as the family grows up to suit teenage years

Study Space

Have somewhere to study and need it equipped with desk  – storage -somewhere that gives you what you need – we can design & fit just what you need

Music Space

An area where you can keep and play your musical  instruments – designed around what you want and need to enjoy this time

Hobby Space

Need somewhere to take some time out for your  hobby – what do you need? what area is available? we can discuss, advise and design a unit to fit your needs

Home Cinema

Create a great home cinema and music room with open and or closed storage areas

Living Space

Design your space to suit your requirements -accommodate, books, ornaments, music etc. with concealed storage areas. Open shelving or closed doors  or a combination whichever fits the area and your needs